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Who Took the Jake Gyllenhaal Tighty-Whitey Photo?

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Jake Gyllenhaal

We just heard back from Jake’s rep who insists this photo is not real. Grab a look while you can, people, because we hear it’s going to be taken down as fast as he and Taylor Swift called it quits. Fingers crossed that one day Jake will proudly be able to give us his best Grace Jones!


If you’ve ever wondered whether Jake Gyllenhaal prefers boxers or briefs, the answer is a resounding…briefs.

And check out the photographic evidence to prove it!

Get a load of hose tighty-whiteys hugging Jakey’s taut tuchus in this semi-scandalous photo, which popped up on the netz Sunday and seemingly came from nowhere.

So what’s that flaming flamingo pose and why is he nearly naked?

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It ain’t a yoga class on a nudist retreat!

Taking a page out of the Amber Rose handbook, seems Gyllenhaal is recreating Grace Jones’ iconic photo from the cover of her album, Island Life.

Because doesn’t every superhero dude love listening to Grace Jones and mimicking the flamboyant singer’s poses?

The real question is: Who took the photo and how does JG get such buns of steel?

We are dying to know who was on the other end of that camera, and what made him feel like getting his disco butt on? Obviously, the photog’s someone Jake feels super comfortable with and is also a major fellow Jones fan. Let the guessing game begin!

(Proabably safe to rule Taylor out.)

While Gyllenhaal’s rep says she is super busy at the moment, we are promised further deets on the photo as soon as they are made clear!

One thing that is clear—Gyllenhaal is apparently hiding a certain side from us! 

Could this photo be any, um, less typical downtime for a big-action movie star? Well, other than those ugly socks that match the seedy carpet.

Jake, where’s the real you been hiding all these years?! Under your Brokeback Mountain cowboy hat, perhaps?

We just can’t quit you, Jake.

WATCH: Jake Gyllenhaal on the Red Carpet

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May 17, 2011 at 10:19 pm

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Photo Experts: Nudie Jake Gyllenhaal Pic Is a Fake!

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Jake Gyllenhaal


The world stopped today. No, not with word of Donald Trump not running for president or of Demi Lovato stripping down to almost nothing, but rather Jake Gyllenhaal taking it all off! Only problem? Apparently, he didn’t.

Well, that’s at least what some experts are saying, not to mention Jake himself. Could they all be wrong? Is Jake fibbing? Did he totally do this barely clothed homage to gay disco queen Grace Jones?

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In a word? No.

“It’s a fake,” says Jake’s rep, regarding the picture that has Jake impersonating an old Jones album cover and which seems to have mysteriously appeared out of nowhere.

“The skin tones are reallygood,” says one of our best online photo experts, “but the shadows are completely off. Look how there aren’t any against the wall, or along the body anywhere. It’s a fake.”

“Also, the hand,” remarked another photo pro. “It’s off, it shows the photo’s been doctored.”

Our own E! photo wizards say the lighting between the room of the hotel (which, apparently, supplies matching carpet and socks for its guests), and that of Jake’s body also do not match.

Damn! This could have been so fab, Jake! Why didn’tyou do this pose, for real?

Taylor never would have bothered you for a caramel non-fat mocha-latte again!

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May 17, 2011 at 8:10 am

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