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Richie Sambora to Check Into Rehab

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Bon Jovi rocker Richie Sambora is checking into rehab for exhaustion and sobriety issues, reports.

“Richie recently has been drinking too much, and wants to get his life together,” a source told Radar.

The guitar star has been on tour with Bon Jovi and reportedly needs time to regroup.

“Richie has had a busy year,” a friend revealed. “I think this was a culmination of all the things that overloaded his life and finally he realized he needed to take care of himself.”

This isn’t the first trip to rehab for the rocker, who spent time at Cirque Lodge in Utah in 2007 following his divorce from Heather Locklear and split with girlfriend Denise Richards.,feedConfig,entry&id=691977&pid=691976&uts=1294158078,aolsvc&omni=1&ke=1 Witherspoon keeps her hands in her pockets as she tries to stay warm while out in New York City on January 3rd.oKExp.start(“popeater3-popeater_music_popscene”);

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