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Hedley Chats With PopAwesome

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PopAwesome was lucky enough to sit down with pop/rockers Hedley to discuss their US debut album, The Show Must Go.  Jacob, Tom, Dave and Chris have had a multi-platinum selling band in Canada for years, but they are finally ready to the States by storm with their infectious melodies and charismatic personalities.  Check out the interview below to learn more about this awesome quartet and make sure to pick up their album on iTunes if you want to hear more!


1.       You guys recently released a live album. Is the live element something you really want to convey to fans?

A- 100%, playing live in front of an audience is instant gratification…kinda like Chinese Take-out. Its also where we get to make people forget about their day for a few hours and let go. Making an album can sometimes be a lot of work, touring it after is the big pay-off for us and the fans who come join the nighly sing-along.

2.       What is the main difference between the Canadian music scene and American?

A- I guess one of the major differences is land mass. Canadian towns can be long drives apart, so not only do you have to bust your hump and scrounge gas money to the next gig that’s a day and a half away but it also breeds very different scenes within the country. The east coast not only has a traditional music, but also a thriving rap scene. Montreal is hip diverse with punk, electro and indie rock. Great country music comes from Alberta and some of the best metal and hardcore lives in Vancouver. Being a bilingual country also means there is a huge French music business in Quebec. The greatest thing about music though, is that it is a universal language that everyone can understand, no matter where you live on the third rock spinning around the giant ball of gas.

3.       Who is the band’s biggest influence (musically, spiritually, philosophically, etc)?

A- We all like a lot of different things. Tom is a huge Tomahawk fan but also is into old country. Chris is big into old motown and Strapping Young Lad, Jake is our hip hop, reggae guru who has a wide taste and loves experimenting with different styles within our tunes. I like a lot of the 80’s, The Police, U2, The Jam. When we are writing together we each try and help the other communicate what he’s trying to bring to a song. We meet in the middle and it becomes Hedley. Our dads are all a big influence on us. Same as us, our dads are all different but very strong and good men. We all have big shoes to fill.

4.       What bands were you in before joining Hedley?

A- I grew up in a small logging town eight hours north of Vancouver. We didn’t have a garage so I instead had a Car Port Band. That means all the neighbors were treated to a nightly rehearsal. I played in a few cover bands after highschool, one was an 80’s Hair cover band, but we also did Tom Sawyer, Radar Love, and Ballroom Blitz. My first original band from Vancouver had a part in the Mandy Moore, Malcauly Culkin movie “Saved”. We were the band at the prom playing The Replacements. I played with Tom an Chris in another band right before we formed Hedley. We saw Jake play at a club and all agreed that we wanted him to be our singer. Luckily he had seen us play and wanted us to be his band. Stars aligned and the seas parted. We bonded over beers and here we are making music together today.

5.    What was the first album you bought?

My mom bought “Slippery When Wet” for my birthday one year on cassette but my first Compact Disc or CD (we used to call them) was Smashing Pumpkins “Siamese Dream”. The very first record I got in the mail….I must have been 3 was The Fraggles “Down in Fraggle Rock”

6.       Any New Year’s resolutions for 2011?

A- Cigarettes are bad for me and this is my year. That and write song kick ass tunes for Record No. 4 so the kiddies can get their rocks off.

7.       Where is the band’s favorite place to play?

A- We always enjoy the weird and interesting gigs. Whether its a mall, bowling alley, campfire, a stage built on water or a field in the middle of the Masai Mara in Kenya. One of the best parts of being a band is taking our music everywhere to as many people as possible. Doesn’t matter where it is. We’ll show up with our instruments and make it happen. How’s that for not picking favorites and pissing off every city I failed to mention.
Ok……..MooseJaw, Saskatchewan. Actually, I don’t think we’ve played there yet. It’s going on the list.

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